Seqex and Skin Complexion

My husband and I bought our Seqex in September of 2020. We bought it to improve our overall health as we’re both newly retired. And it’s working! We have fewer aches and pains for sure, we sleep well and we’re feeling great.
But something quite unexpected and remarkable has also happened. I no longer have any acne!
I’m 59 years old and I have struggled with acne my entire life. Although there are far more serious health concerns than acne, it has plagued me nonetheless. And I admit that my acne has caused me a great deal of mental and emotional pain over the years.
So I’m thrilled and thankful to say that since using my Seqex, my acne has all but disappeared! And I dare say that my skin looks brighter as well!
Thank you for our improved health and well-being Seqex! And for my clear complexion!

Lyme Disease Symptoms Decreased

I have been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering for 5 years with multiple pain syndromes.. I had been bedridden for 4 years. My Medical doctor has a Seqex mat in her office that I bought a package of visits for. After just one visit on the mat I was able to sleep so much better than I had in years. I continued to use the mat at her office for 10 visits and after each visit experienced better sleep and greater energy. I decided to purchase one in March 2020. I use it most days on Microcirculation and Relax programs. I have observed great inflammation reduction and thus less overall body pain and swelling. I’m still on the mend but this mat has been a lifesaver! I tell everyone I know about how it has changed my life for the better! Thank you Seqex!

Back Pain

Back Pain

Thank you for sending me all of the information it’s been extremely helpful this Mat is helping me in ways that is a miracle.  I’m not having back pain and I’m not having the horrible cramping from the neuropathy.

I’m not having the Charlie horses in my legs it’s just awesome it’s worth every cent thank you so much! With deepest gratitude.

Testimonial – Gary Roberts

I am a firm believer in using an Integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of every day life. I use SEQEX ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) therapy as one of the recovery measures that helps my body reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

I purchased a FAM Seqex mat from you 19 months ago.  I was thinking  last week that I should email you and let you know about the wonderful things this mat has done for me.  I work in healthcare, long term care facilities. I stopped taking the flu shot, which is mandatory in my line of work. I researched  flu vaccine alternatives.  I have not had a flu shot in over 3 years, and I have been quite healthy for those three years.  The seqex mat is an essential part of my routine, and my routine is simple. The mat three or 4 times a day,(everyday for the last 19 months) and if I feel cold symptoms coming on I take 3 vitamin D and a zinc pill. This is my secret strategy. In 2017 and 2018 influenza A peaked, we had 5 outbreaks in 2017 and 6 outbreaks in 2018, (one of those 6 in 2018 was Corona virus)  I didn’t get sick once, in a building of 175 residents. The letter you sent is really nice and thank you for that.


Here’s another quick story that happened a week ago. My stereo speaker fell over last Friday, hit my left foot big toe, right where the toe connects to the foot.

I thought I broke it.. after it calmed down, I realized not broken but a really bad wound and possible fracture.  Good thing I have Wounds n Fractures program.

I ran that program 5 times in 7 days,  with microcirculation and anti-inflammatory. I can move my toe today like nothing happened. In a week I am back to normal, I expected to be down and out for more than 3 weeks. 


I do have a degenerative back condition called  spondylolisthesis, the main reason I purchased this PEMF mat.  My xrays 6 months ago stopped me in my tracks. I get xrays every year, the last one I received the doctors report on my condition said “stabilized ”  I have never seen that word on my back reports in 20 years. Ever.  My doctor freaked out, she asked “ What the hell are you doing, this is stabilizing ??”  I told her about the seqex mat.  She took notes.


Thank this mat has saved me, made me stronger, less chronic pain, more energetic @ 55 years old, than I was when I was 30.

Thank you for everything you do! I can’t thank you enough