Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

In November 2016 I was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. I have a variety of symptoms, including irregular sleep and internal inflammation to name just a few. During an appointment at a sleep clinic in Toronto, I learned about Seqex Canada and their products. After using the Seqex products at this clinic for several months, I decided to invest in my own. I purchased a FAM sleep bed about a year ago and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My sleep has improved a lot and the inflammation in my body has been reduced. I also notice that my body heals a lot faster than it did without the use of the sleep bed technology. Having a brain injury means that sleep is extra important for me. Before using the sleep bed, I felt frustrated with the quality of my sleep. After a year of consistent and regular use, I’m back to enjoying deep restorative and healing sleep. ❤

Spondylolisthesis, Kidney Stones, Hypothyroidism

Spondylolisthesis, Kidney Stones, Hypothyroidism

Hello friends, I just ordered my copy of your book Natural Frequencies, so excited!  3 years now with the Seqex FAM unit.  It has saved my life and made me feel 20 years younger. Thyroid Hypothyroidism- no more pills (micro-extra regen-energy.) Spondylolisthesis, (OAC-Pain-Anti inflamm) my pain threshold went from 6-8 range now balanced and manageable at a 1-3 range. Kidney stones ( all 9) gone within the first 2 years of owning the “mat of love.” Ouch, it did the trick though.  The natural medicines I do take work better, faster and have very very pleasant outcomes, what more could you ask for?  Self-healing in a magnetic field that is ionic and cyclonic. bliss.. Thanks Kim and the entire Seqex team !

Autism Testimonial


I purchased a Seqex to see how it would help my son who has autism. The change in him was nothing short of a miracle. So much so, I am mow doing a research project for children with Autism. My son, at 5.5 was struggling with basic language both receptive and expressively. He could not generalize anything he was learning. He has been doing ABA therapy since he was 2.5 years old and was making small gains. At 2.5 he was deemed not eligible for the government funded ABA program in the province of Ontario, due to the severity of his diagnosis. That said with the small gains he was making they eventually allowed his ABA to be funded.

Still struggling, I was looking for something. I started him on the ICR therapy in June 2019. He soon started to expand his repertoire of words he could understand and say. He was much more engaged. He was finally able to learn new skills consistently, retain them and more importantly generalize the skills he was learning. My friends and family were blown away by the difference in him. They called it “ the miracle mat” or “ the magic mat”.

Here is one example in November 2019, my son woke up saw snow outside and said to me for the first time ever “it’s snowing”, he then said Christmas, I said you’re right when it snows it is almost Christmas. He then looked and saw the Christmas trees, I had put up and said Christmas trees, I said you’re right that is a Christmas tree. He paused and then said, Santa. I said you’re right when we put the trees up Santa is coming. There was no talk of Xmas or Santa since the year before, as Halloween had just passed. Everything I was saying to him the winter/Christmas before he was retaining, he just could not connect it or verbalize it.

Another example is; I tried for 2 ski seasons, to teach him how to stop and turn on skies, to no avail. After being on the mat for 6 months he was stopping on the first run of the season when he was shown once, how to do it. He was turning after few runs as well. The only thing that changed from one season to the next was the fact that he had been on the mat for 6 months. The ICR mat was able to reduce the inflammation in the areas that were affecting his language acquisition, cognitive and motor skills allowing him to flourish.

He continues to use the mat daily and he is thriving. From a child who could not identify people by name, recognize letters or number to reading, writing, completing math problems all in a year. ICR therapy has changed the quality of his life and that of our family’s. After 4 months of being on the mat, my son went from less than the 1% on the standardize test used in the study to the 4%. He also went up over 2 chronical age groups. Simply unimaginable results in 4 months. I believe the results of the research we are now doing, will help so many children whom have Autism

INSOMNIA: I can’t thank you enough! Seqex has been a small miracle for me. Due to chronic Lyme, I’d had debilitating insomnia for about 10 months… lying awake for hours in the middle of the night. Within 7 to 10 days of using the mat, I was sleeping close to 6.5 hours straight – no insomnia! The programmed card that the Seqex system was able to create for ME (more precisely supporting my body) has helped me to maintain better sleep over the 3.5 months that I’ve owned the mat (along with other great benefits}. Thanks to Seqex, I am becoming more and more functional. I feel so much better. I’m getting my life back! (I’ve recommended this to 4 friends, 2 of whom are using my mat until they get their own).


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for your support and cheerful personalities at Health Energies and Seqex and your outstanding yet unusual knowledge of human body.

I’m a three times sepsis survivor. The third time it was a truly a miracle thanks to your amazing technologies. The doctors and the medicine did not work! After having a antibiotic IV hooked up to my body off and on for three months and the doctors running several tests and procedures they came to conclusion that I am antibiotic resistant and they may have to chop off my leg.


It was a total shock to me to hear this and I was devastated. I heard about Health Energies and Seqex from the local bakery in the plaza next store and thought I had nothing to loose by trying it. After 6 sessions I’m almost 80% OK and even more so full of new spirits and ideas for the future. Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you God bless you and cheers.

Above image is after 6 sessions of Seqex and Plasma Light Therapy approximately 2x per week.

Testimonials From Italy – In the Times of COVID 19

Testimonials From Italy – In the Times of COVID 19

Hello everybody, I will introduce myself, I am Gabriele Tabaracci orthopedic 70 years old.
I got to know SEQEX about 20 years ago and since then I have been using it regularly in the studio and at home (I have Seqex Fam) with decidedly remarkable results which I will tell you about on another occasion.
Now I wanted to tell you what happened in this dire situation. On March 8, symptoms of corona virus appeared (fever 38.5 and persistent cough asthenia) I did not have hospital care.
I started using 2 overlapping Fams (one on top of the other) using microcirculation and skeletal muscle with the night program. After 7-8 days I no longer had a fever and the cough is almost completely gone
I have not taken any kind of drugs I have made my quarantine and today I have absolutely nothing and I continue to do the therapy every night
Greetings to everyone

Hello everyone, I am a therapist from Bergamo, I have my own private studio, I have two Seqex inside which I undergo every afternoon with double mat at the same time (ERG and MIC). My mother also comes to me twice a week and undergoes a double mat and double session, the first one (ERG – MIC) and the second one with (MIC -FEF) total 4 sessions with 6 programs. Having said that, in the week between March 2 and 6 I had several cancellations of my patients for fear and influences (apparently classic), personally I did not use gloves or a mask, in those days the experts said that the Covid-19 was not nothing more than a flu, my experience starts on the day of Friday 6 March: when I finished working at 8 pm I didn’t feel too fit, I should have gone out for dinner, but I just didn’t feel like it, when I got home I took the temperature and I found out I have 37.5. Obviously I do not go out, I do not have dinner and I go to sleep, on Saturday 7 and throughout the weekend I continue to have 37.2 – 37.4 while taking Tachipirina 1000 at that point, on Sunday evening everything is ok and on Monday 8 in perfect shape I go to the studio, which, however, due to the continuous cancellations, in the afternoon I chose to close. I brought home a Seqex and one brought it to my mother (80 years old), we are both doing 3 rotation programs every day (ERG – MIC – ANI), my mother also wounds and fractures. Since then I am fine even if for a few days I had no taste and smell, my mother is very strong and ready to go out, she says she feels great.

Four months ago we got a 5 month old rescue pup, Olive, from Mexico! We fell in love with her.
But several days after her arriving she got up one morning and was extremely lame.
After several vet exams, including xrays, our pup was finally diagnosed with onset elbow dysplasia. Wwere devastated.
We also discovered that she had very large trigger points, or muscle knots, in her bicep and tricep areas.
So we placed Olive on our Seqex mat everyday, using various programs for muscles and tendons, anti-inflammatory, and bone regeneration. We also used our probe directly on the muscle knots and her elbow. We also added some massage and stretching exercises.
And last week, we got a clean bill of health from the vet! She no longer feels that Olive shows any signs of elbow dysplasia at this time! Her trigger points are gone and she has regained full mobility!
We are continuing to place Olive on our Seqex mat daily, at least until she’s fully grown and her bones are set. But even then, we’ll continue indefinitely as she loves it!
Further to that, we also have her on a daily immune-boosting program, Microcirculation, as we feel the Tick Medication we give her year round (we live in the rain forest in BC), is very hard on her system. And Seqex gives her the strength and support she needs to live a happy healthy life!
Thank you Seqex!