The anti inflammatory program is great for allergies and inflammation. I love the total body relax. Microcirculation and Regeneration are outstanding. The pain program too. I love all the programs. Such a game changer for health!


I have a chronic autoimmune condition, I have rented a Seqex device and I’m having amazing results – I was actually able to go for two light runs this week and was able to garden all day Saturday without too much pain or becoming totally exhausted. It is incredible how much more rested I’m feeling getting up in the mornings too.
SO grateful for this ❤️


I was was waiting for my ACL surgery after an injury (the re-occurred from the past) and I rented a Seqex mat. Using it daily I am able to my recommended exercises pain free and the inflammation is almost gone. The mat has helped an incredibly significant amount.


In 2018, I injured myself on the job when I was a Medical Lab Tech and was off work for 3 years with many, many hours of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, acupuncture and many other types of treatments to bring me relief and nothing seemed to work. In 2019, a day before my 32nd birthday, I went in for a discectomy of my L4,L5 vertebrae. This surgery brought me some relief but over time I began to slowly get worse.
In June of 2023, I woke up one morning and reached for my cane like every other morning. I forced myself out of bed and walked over to my desk to grab what was usually my second Oxycodone of the day (I would wake up in extreme pain around 3am and need one). I made my way upstairs for a coffee and by the time I approached the kitchen, I collapsed to the floor in tears because I was so sick and tired of feeling like this day after day.
I was told by my mom a few days earlier how my aunt had come across this Seqex mat that my grandmother had been using for her fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments that were keeping her in bed for years. My mom told me how my grandmother was out gardening until midnight the one night which was something she always did before getting sick.
I called a lady that I knew had one of these mats 2 hours away and she told me to come right away! I got into my car and made the excruciating 2 hour drive to hopefully find any relief.
After a one hour session, I had a surprisingly amount of relief to the point that I almost could not believe it!
I ended up renting one for myself from the distributor and began my own treatments every single day. In 10 days, I was no longer using my cane, within a month i was able to start backing off of my oxycodone because my pain was not as bad.
At this point I knew I needed to purchase this equipment and made the decision to do so after going to Wasaga Beach and meeting the sisters who brought this medical device from Italy.
I am now 5 months in and I can tell my back is healing, I am coming off my medication completely this week and the best thing of all, I CANCELLED MY SURGERY!!!

Justin Shaver

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis together with chronic uveitis, ,costochondritis, osteoporosis, femuroacetabular impigment and many other issues connected to this disease. Seqex changed things for me instantly. Whether it was pain management , mental health and overall well-being, I could feel the difference every time I used my Seqex device.
All of this combined with Kim and Jackie’s extensive knowledge and absolute devotion to help others , this was a game changer for my battle with this disease. I would recommend it to anyone, it will change your life.

Bara Dolejsi

Best thing I have ever decided to do. Went on a referral from a friend and have felt many positive changes. Thank you for everything you ladies do!

Christina S

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2022. I started using the Seqex bed immediately. It was instrumental in getting me through my treatments and also in my recovery. I had chemo, radiation, and surgery, and the Seqex was personalized for me for each of those journeys. I was able to continue to work the entire time while undergoing treatment! It helped me sleep, help with anxiety, and it helped me heal! I can’t thank Jackie and Kim enough. It has saved my life in so many ways!

Michelle B


I own a wellness center in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I’m a registered massage therapist and have come across pulsed electromagnetic magnetic field therapy. Jackie and Kim are the main distributor for Canada for the Seqex machine etc. I’ve used the machine personally for the last 5 years with great results with decreased pain in my body, increased energy, increased focus and just a great feeling… a feeling of well-being. I became very impressed with the technology and decided to invest in it. Jackie and Kim were excellent and helped me with a payment plan and now all my patients are benefiting from this therapy and absolutely loving it. I’m so grateful for this machine and everyone that is involved in creating it and of course Health Wellness Industries for being so amazing in training me on the machine. It’s absolutely a great modality to go with massage therapy. They work hand in hand. Thank you, thank you thank you! #Earthing technology at it’s best.


Di Trani Proactive Wellness

Di Trani Proactive Wellness

I received my purchased Seqex at the end of March 2023. Since then I have been using it twice a day, My gastrointestinal problem cleared up quickly. Three or four weeks ago I felt some intense irritation in my stomach. I made a few minor diet and routine eating changes and then relied on the Seqex mat again with the anti inflammatory program. Again it was eliminated quickly. I routinely use the chronic osteo arthritis program and feel good with more energy now than I have had for a number of months. I look forward to my times on the mat every day for resting, reading, thinking or just my time to be completely relaxed. I am getting close to being eighty years old and am striving for optimum health. This was my gift from me to me to help achieve that.



Dan Thurman, Deputy Chief Collingwood Fire Department

I am a firm believer in using an Integrated approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This approach brings together proper nutrition, exercise and recovery measures that help my body bounce back from the wear and tear of every day life. I use SEQEX ICR (Ion Cyclotron Resonance) therapy as one of the recovery measures that helps my body reduce inflammation, improve circulation and relieve post exercise soreness. It has been an effective tool to help keep my body recharged and reduce pain.

Gary Roberts - NHL Veteran and Stanley Cup Winner

My mom brought home a seqex mat just before I left for university. I have suffered from asthma for years and always needed my puffer. I tried the micro circulation program with the belt attachment across my chest. Two days later I played my first lacrosse game of my season for school. I was surprised I did not reach for my puffer once. With one treatment my breathing was significantly better.

Talyn Maclean

I first got introduced to Health Energies and Seqex in January 2021 when my husband broke his leg. I was intrigued that this device could help accelerate healing by decreasing inflammation and increasing microcirculation. We rented a mat for home use at first and Wow we were so impressed at how quickly the swelling decreased in my husband’s leg, ankle and foot. He was back to work 6 days post injury and was back to full physical training after only 3 months. As Chiropractors we already recognize the innate healing ability of the body when given the right circumstances and environment to heal and this unique application of frequency added another dimension to our understanding. We have brought it into our clinic for use with patients and also use it everyday at home on ourselves, our friends and family too.

Drs Bernadette & David Vecchio, Collingwood ON

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years and in the last few years osteo arthritis in my cervical spine. I came across this clinic and I am absolutely shocked on how pulse electromagnetic field therapy can help heal the body and also calm and recalibrate the mind. I visit here regularly, Jackie and Kim and the whole team are amazing and very knowledgeable. I currently use the seqex machine. The pain in my neck is completely gone and my anxiety is non-existent. I feel like myself the way God intended me to be. I’m very grateful to health wellness industries in Wasaga beach, I will be a patient for life and keep up with the treatments to stay ahead of the conditions that I’ve dealt with for many years. God bless you guys!

Paul D

On Thanksgiving Day 2022, I broke both feet when a heavy object fell on my feet. After surgery to put 3 plates in my left foot and 1 plate in my right, Ginette recommended that I use the Seqex mat to help with my recovery. I want to thank you for suggesting that I rent the mat for a month. I used it fairly consistently for the month. She told me that my broken bones would heal 3 to 4 times faster. She was right. I’m in my sixties. The surgeon was surprised how fast I healed and was walking around in under a month. All my friends and family are amazed at how fast I healed so well. As the mat came with several programs, my wife also used different programs which help with her fibromyalgia and over all well being. Thanks again.

Terry H

I tried my daughters seqex mat after she raved how well her sleep improved . Not only did my sleep improve but my disposition. I felt a calmness after the treatment My wife told me I was relaxed. I look forward to trying new treatments to deal with some aches in my hip since my surgery.

Peter Byer

I was a skeptic at first but after using I can say that it works. I have used it for hip pain and had very good improvements. I also find the program of total body relaxation has helped me have deep sound sleeps.

Gavin Titshall


I have just finished one cycle of treatments for pain management and circulation issues, and I have definitely noticed a difference. I feel like I have improved energy levels, and the pain in my left leg and foot has lessened enabling me to sleep better. I absolutely recommend SEQEX treatments.

Anne, Collingwood, ON

Traumatic Brain Injury

In November 2016 I was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury. I have a variety of symptoms, including irregular sleep and internal inflammation to name just a few. During an appointment at a sleep clinic in Toronto, I learned about Seqex Canada and their products. After using the Seqex products at this clinic for several months, I decided to invest in my own. I purchased a FAM sleep bed about a year ago and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My sleep has improved a lot and the inflammation in my body has been reduced. I also notice that my body heals a lot faster than it did without the use of the sleep bed technology. Having a brain injury means that sleep is extra important for me. Before using the sleep bed, I felt frustrated with the quality of my sleep. After a year of consistent and regular use, I’m back to enjoying deep restorative and healing sleep. ❤

Seqex FAM Owner

Spondylolisthesis, Kidney Stones, Hypothyroidism

Hello friends, I just ordered my copy of your book Natural Frequencies, so excited!  3 years now with the Seqex FAM unit.  It has saved my life and made me feel 20 years younger. Thyroid Hypothyroidism- no more pills (micro-extra regen-energy.) Spondylolisthesis, (OAC-Pain-Anti inflamm) my pain threshold went from 6-8 range now balanced and manageable at a 1-3 range. Kidney stones ( all 9) gone within the first 2 years of owning the “mat of love.” Ouch, it did the trick though.  The natural medicines I do take work better, faster and have very very pleasant outcomes, what more could you ask for?  Self-healing in a magnetic field that is ionic and cyclonic. bliss.. Thanks Kim and the entire Seqex team !



I purchased a Seqex to see how it would help my son who has autism. The change in him was nothing short of a miracle. So much so, I am mow doing a research project for children with Autism. My son, at 5.5 was struggling with basic language both receptive and expressively. He could not generalize anything he was learning. He has been doing ABA therapy since he was 2.5 years old and was making small gains. At 2.5 he was deemed not eligible for the government funded ABA program in the province of Ontario, due to the severity of his diagnosis. That said with the small gains he was making they eventually allowed his ABA to be funded.

Still struggling, I was looking for something. I started him on the ICR therapy in June 2019. He soon started to expand his repertoire of words he could understand and say. He was much more engaged. He was finally able to learn new skills consistently, retain them and more importantly generalize the skills he was learning. My friends and family were blown away by the difference in him. They called it “ the miracle mat” or “ the magic mat”.

Here is one example in November 2019, my son woke up saw snow outside and said to me for the first time ever “it’s snowing”, he then said Christmas, I said you’re right when it snows it is almost Christmas. He then looked and saw the Christmas trees, I had put up and said Christmas trees, I said you’re right that is a Christmas tree. He paused and then said, Santa. I said you’re right when we put the trees up Santa is coming. There was no talk of Xmas or Santa since the year before, as Halloween had just passed. Everything I was saying to him the winter/Christmas before he was retaining, he just could not connect it or verbalize it.

Another example is; I tried for 2 ski seasons, to teach him how to stop and turn on skies, to no avail. After being on the mat for 6 months he was stopping on the first run of the season when he was shown once, how to do it. He was turning after few runs as well. The only thing that changed from one season to the next was the fact that he had been on the mat for 6 months. The ICR mat was able to reduce the inflammation in the areas that were affecting his language acquisition, cognitive and motor skills allowing him to flourish.

He continues to use the mat daily and he is thriving. From a child who could not identify people by name, recognize letters or number to reading, writing, completing math problems all in a year. ICR therapy has changed the quality of his life and that of our family’s. After 4 months of being on the mat, my son went from less than the 1% on the standardize test used in the study to the 4%. He also went up over 2 chronical age groups. Simply unimaginable results in 4 months. I believe the results of the research we are now doing, will help so many children whom have Autism


I have a Dog Sanctuary with now 15 dogs and 5 puppies. One of my female dogs got badly bitten on the belly, there were 3 big holes in the skin. It needed surgery. To give it a chance to heal, they needed to cut out the whole area of the skin, so it became there was a lot of tightness/tension in that area.

As I had SEQEX, I put the little girl on the mat which she liked very much.

It healed so quickly that I could let off the cone protection around the head days earlier than recommended and she did not even try to get at the stiches – I guess it must not have hurt or been too itchy.

The most surprising thingnis, I can not even find anymore where they made the large incision.


Birgitt Neffe, International holistic Practitioner from Germany

I was very lucky to have met Stephanie at Health Wellness in Wasaga Beach a few months ago. I had returned from a long trip and had back, neck and hip/foot pain due to arthritis. I did the first treatment and immediately noticed an improvement in my pain and overall feeling of Wellness. My mental clarity has also improved. I return every 2 weeks to keep up the with the continuous improvement. I highly recommend the PEMF and Seqex to anyone who wishes to feel better!


My name is Edith and I cannot say enough praises for the Seqex products and of course the staff at Health and Wellness Industries.
I have been saved many times over as my health has not been good over the last 5 years. I have been suffering with 3 Auto immune diseases along with a degenerative lower lumbar, one of my auto immune conditions is fibromyalgia which I know many people suffer from. It feels like my whole body is on fire and my legs feel like ten ton weights.
Ever since I have been getting the micro circulation and pain management cards, my legs no longer feel like ten ton weights, right after my 3rd session I felt like I could go jogging around the neighborhood.
I felt like I was reborn into a new body.
I highly recommend the PEMF therapy to everyone who is suffering.
Not to mention all the dirty electricity and EMF that is in our environment, this therapy basically reverses the negative ions into positive ions.
So if your going through pain in your life, please consider PEMF therapy in your life.
Many Happy returns


Covid19 Symptoms

After 6 months of Covid-19 symptoms & little/no improvement, the Seqex mat was a lifesaver. Within a couple weeks of treatments, I began to feel better. Within 6 weeks my symptoms were almost gone. Every Covid long-hauler needs this device so they can get back to their lives.


INSOMNIA: I can’t thank you enough! Seqex has been a small miracle for me. Due to chronic Lyme, I’d had debilitating insomnia for about 10 months… lying awake for hours in the middle of the night. Within 7 to 10 days of using the mat, I was sleeping close to 6.5 hours straight – no insomnia! The programmed card that the Seqex system was able to create for ME (more precisely supporting my body) has helped me to maintain better sleep over the 3.5 months that I’ve owned the mat (along with other great benefits}. Thanks to Seqex, I am becoming more and more functional. I feel so much better. I’m getting my life back! (I’ve recommended this to 4 friends, 2 of whom are using my mat until they get their own).

April K

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for your support and cheerful personalities at Health Energies and Seqex and your outstanding yet unusual knowledge of human body.

I’m a three times sepsis survivor. The third time it was a truly a miracle thanks to your amazing technologies. The doctors and the medicine did not work! After having a antibiotic IV hooked up to my body off and on for three months and the doctors running several tests and procedures they came to conclusion that I am antibiotic resistant and they may have to chop off my leg.


It was a total shock to me to hear this and I was devastated. I heard about Health Energies and Seqex from the local bakery in the plaza next store and thought I had nothing to loose by trying it. After 6 sessions I’m almost 80% OK and even more so full of new spirits and ideas for the future. Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you God bless you and cheers.

Above image is after 6 sessions of Seqex and Plasma Light Therapy approximately 2x per week.


I have been experiencing back pain for the past several years and I’m finding that my mobility is increasing by using the Seqex Fam mat. I highly recommend people who’s health has been compromised to consider purchasing a unit for their home.


Testimonials From Italy – In the Times of COVID 19

Hello everybody, I will introduce myself, I am Gabriele Tabaracci orthopedic 70 years old.
I got to know SEQEX about 20 years ago and since then I have been using it regularly in the studio and at home (I have Seqex Fam) with decidedly remarkable results which I will tell you about on another occasion.
Now I wanted to tell you what happened in this dire situation. On March 8, symptoms of corona virus appeared (fever 38.5 and persistent cough asthenia) I did not have hospital care.
I started using 2 overlapping Fams (one on top of the other) using microcirculation and skeletal muscle with the night program. After 7-8 days I no longer had a fever and the cough is almost completely gone
I have not taken any kind of drugs I have made my quarantine and today I have absolutely nothing and I continue to do the therapy every night
Greetings to everyone

Gabrielle, Italy

Hello everyone, I am a therapist from Bergamo, I have my own private studio, I have two Seqex inside which I undergo every afternoon with double mat at the same time (ERG and MIC). My mother also comes to me twice a week and undergoes a double mat and double session, the first one (ERG – MIC) and the second one with (MIC -FEF) total 4 sessions with 6 programs. Having said that, in the week between March 2 and 6 I had several cancellations of my patients for fear and influences (apparently classic), personally I did not use gloves or a mask, in those days the experts said that the Covid-19 was not nothing more than a flu, my experience starts on the day of Friday 6 March: when I finished working at 8 pm I didn’t feel too fit, I should have gone out for dinner, but I just didn’t feel like it, when I got home I took the temperature and I found out I have 37.5. Obviously I do not go out, I do not have dinner and I go to sleep, on Saturday 7 and throughout the weekend I continue to have 37.2 – 37.4 while taking Tachipirina 1000 at that point, on Sunday evening everything is ok and on Monday 8 in perfect shape I go to the studio, which, however, due to the continuous cancellations, in the afternoon I chose to close. I brought home a Seqex and one brought it to my mother (80 years old), we are both doing 3 rotation programs every day (ERG – MIC – ANI), my mother also wounds and fractures. Since then I am fine even if for a few days I had no taste and smell, my mother is very strong and ready to go out, she says she feels great.

Physical Therapist, Italy

Four months ago we got a 5 month old rescue pup, Olive, from Mexico! We fell in love with her.
But several days after her arriving she got up one morning and was extremely lame.
After several vet exams, including xrays, our pup was finally diagnosed with onset elbow dysplasia. Wwere devastated.
We also discovered that she had very large trigger points, or muscle knots, in her bicep and tricep areas.
So we placed Olive on our Seqex mat everyday, using various programs for muscles and tendons, anti-inflammatory, and bone regeneration. We also used our probe directly on the muscle knots and her elbow. We also added some massage and stretching exercises.
And last week, we got a clean bill of health from the vet! She no longer feels that Olive shows any signs of elbow dysplasia at this time! Her trigger points are gone and she has regained full mobility!
We are continuing to place Olive on our Seqex mat daily, at least until she’s fully grown and her bones are set. But even then, we’ll continue indefinitely as she loves it!
Further to that, we also have her on a daily immune-boosting program, Microcirculation, as we feel the Tick Medication we give her year round (we live in the rain forest in BC), is very hard on her system. And Seqex gives her the strength and support she needs to live a happy healthy life!
Thank you Seqex!


My husband and I bought our Seqex in September of 2020. We bought it to improve our overall health as we’re both newly retired. And it’s working! We have fewer aches and pains for sure, we sleep well and we’re feeling great.
But something quite unexpected and remarkable has also happened. I no longer have any acne!
I’m 59 years old and I have struggled with acne my entire life. Although there are far more serious health concerns than acne, it has plagued me nonetheless. And I admit that my acne has caused me a great deal of mental and emotional pain over the years.
So I’m thrilled and thankful to say that since using my Seqex, my acne has all but disappeared! And I dare say that my skin looks brighter as well!
Thank you for our improved health and well-being Seqex! And for my clear complexion!


I have been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering for 5 years with multiple pain syndromes.. I had been bedridden for 4 years. My Medical doctor has a Seqex mat in her office that I bought a package of visits for. After just one visit on the mat I was able to sleep so much better than I had in years. I continued to use the mat at her office for 10 visits and after each visit experienced better sleep and greater energy. I decided to purchase one in March 2020. I use it most days on Microcirculation and Relax programs. I have observed great inflammation reduction and thus less overall body pain and swelling. I’m still on the mend but this mat has been a lifesaver! I tell everyone I know about how it has changed my life for the better! Thank you Seqex!

Mary Ann

Lexi The 14 yr old Standard Poodle has huge mobility improvement from using Seqex.

Thank you Seqex for giving my my puppy back!


Back Pain

Thank you for sending me all of the information it’s been extremely helpful this Mat is helping me in ways that is a miracle.  I’m not having back pain and I’m not having the horrible cramping from the neuropathy.

I’m not having the Charlie horses in my legs it’s just awesome it’s worth every cent thank you so much! With deepest gratitude.


Just a note to tell you that my son has had a wonderful experience with the Seqex. He took a very bad fall down the stairs one week ago. He had to go to the hospital for a cut in the back of his head which took two stitches and he had a concussion.
As soon as we could we started using the mat, wounds and fractures, muscles and tendons, micro circulation and extra regeneration. He is doing very well one week later and says the Seqex mat is unbelievable.
Thank you so much for this technology.


Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

I purchased a FAM Seqex mat from you 19 months ago.  I was thinking  last week that I should email you and let you know about the wonderful things this mat has done for me.  I work in healthcare, long term care facilities. I stopped taking the flu shot, which is mandatory in my line of work. I researched  flu vaccine alternatives.  I have not had a flu shot in over 3 years, and I have been quite healthy for those three years.  The seqex mat is an essential part of my routine, and my routine is simple. The mat three or 4 times a day,(everyday for the last 19 months) and if I feel cold symptoms coming on I take 3 vitamin D and a zinc pill. This is my secret strategy. In 2017 and 2018 influenza A peaked, we had 5 outbreaks in 2017 and 6 outbreaks in 2018, (one of those 6 in 2018 was Corona virus)  I didn’t get sick once, in a building of 175 residents. The letter you sent is really nice and thank you for that.


Here’s another quick story that happened a week ago. My stereo speaker fell over last Friday, hit my left foot big toe, right where the toe connects to the foot.

I thought I broke it.. after it calmed down, I realized not broken but a really bad wound and possible fracture.  Good thing I have Wounds n Fractures program.

I ran that program 5 times in 7 days,  with microcirculation and anti-inflammatory. I can move my toe today like nothing happened. In a week I am back to normal, I expected to be down and out for more than 3 weeks. 


I do have a degenerative back condition called  spondylolisthesis, the main reason I purchased this PEMF mat.  My xrays 6 months ago stopped me in my tracks. I get xrays every year, the last one I received the doctors report on my condition said “stabilized ”  I have never seen that word on my back reports in 20 years. Ever.  My doctor freaked out, she asked “ What the hell are you doing, this is stabilizing ??”  I told her about the seqex mat.  She took notes.


Thank this mat has saved me, made me stronger, less chronic pain, more energetic @ 55 years old, than I was when I was 30.

Thank you for everything you do! I can’t thank you enough

Dave S

On Site Firefighter Testimonial

Laura at Health Energies Wasaga Beach, On-Site Testimonial

Before and after images after 5 Seqex facial treatments with the spot probe applicator.



Bridget Ubochi


A couple of years ago, my diabetes was out of control and suffered from severe neuropathy in my feet, I had constant throbbing and unbearable burning sensation, I couldn’t sleep, walking and standing up was painful.

I was introduced to Health Harmonies/Energies and SEQEX PEMF mat by a good friend of mine, who is a Homeopath and was involved with Health Harmonies in Newmarket. She suggested that I try it, I had nothing to lose, everything to gain! Nothing else was working unless I took more medication, which I didn’t want to do.

I started to use SEQEX 2-3 times a week, mostly using the Extra Regeneration and Micro-Circulation program and I had personalized cards done for both in order to maximize the benefits. After a couple of weeks, I was able to better sleep at night and in time the burning and pain in my feet was gone. I couldn’t believe it, I was so amazed…

Which leads me to my next story, an opportunity presented itself to volunteer at the Newmarket location a couple of times a week, I enjoyed my experience at the studio, people were kind, friendly and knowledgeable, I felt rejuvenated when I went there, I truly believed in the benefits of SEQEX and wanted to help others get better as well. Everything was great, next thing I know they asked me if I wanted to work there part time, then I went to Sardinia to meet the people responsible for developing the SEQEX devices; Dr. Greco, Chief Medical Officer and Valerio Dallago, CEO and founder of S.I.S.T.E.M.I.. I am such a supporter and advocate of PEMF and SEQEX that I am now opening a Health Energies location in Vaughan. I cannot wait to help people get healthier and better their lives.

Roxane Melançon

Seqex Testimonial on Depression and Anxiety


I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety July of 2017.  What I did not realize is that I had struggled with this all my life…but with increased work stress and other personal stressors, the condition became unbearable to the point where I was unable to work or interact with my family and friends.  I was determined, not to be placed on medication, as I wanted to get to the core of my condition and learn to deal with it from the root as I knew this was a condition I would need to manage for the rest of my life.  That said, I agreed with my doctor that if I was unable to move forward after period of time, I would consider medication if my doctor felt it was necessary.  As part of my treatment, I was seeing two different Doctors for two different therapies 1/week over several months….it was very difficult and taxing and while there was some progress…I still struggled.  One of my biggest issues was being able to sleep…and as was learning, without sleep everything falls apart.  There came as time in october 2017 that I did agree to try sleeping pills….I took one dose per my doctor’s instructions and was very negatively impacted by the side effects….to the point I could not function the day the pill had been taken and even up to a few days later.  The days that I took sleeping pills to help me sleep, my depression seemed to worsen to the point, I would not even get out of bed….I tried half the dose and still I found the effects to be unbearable.


Enter Health Energies….while in Collingwood for March break 2018 I decided I would visit Health Energies to try the Seqex bed again….a few years back I had had an opportunity to try the bed and recalled having the best sleep ever so thought I could try it again.  After speaking with Kim, I decided I would try the bed every day for the week while we were in Collingwood and see if there was any relief.  During this time a couple of things happened….after my first session, I noticed, I was peaceful and happy….and rather than retreat into a dark room, I wanted to be around people…this continued for the week…I had not felt this way for a very long time.  Second, I was able to finally sleep….and my quality of sleep was vastly improved.  I found myself, wanting to go to bed earlier and sleeping through the night, and waking up refreshed without any nasty side effects of medication.  Third, my family noticed my shift in mood.  My husband was in awe of how much happier and at ease I was, so much so that he encouraged me to purchase my own Seqex so that I could continue my work with the Seqex.


At this point, my symptoms have improved dramatically, I continue to use Seqex to help me when I encounter sleep issues and when I feel uneasy due to my anxiety.  I also continue to pursue therapy, but it is significantly reduced, with one Doctor and is really more a maintenance visit.  I am so grateful and happy I was able to help myself recover and without the need to take anti-depressants.  I have resumed activities that I once enjoyed but had stopped because of my depression and anxiety, such as running, cooking, spending time with family and friends.  I continue to use Seqex as a preventative measure to ensure I continue to achieve optimal sleep and keep my anxiety in check.  I would highly recommend trying Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy either on it’s own or in conjunction with other forms of therapy.


Thank you Kim and Jackie for giving me hope and options when I was sure there was nothing left to help me.

Kim M, Aurora

Kim’s Daughter



Kim M, Aurora

After injuring my neck, which resulted in severe pain and very limited mobility, I immediately pursued treatment with my physiotherapist. She assessed my condition and concluded it would take four weeks of treatments to remedy.  After only three Seqex treatments, I was pain free and my mobility in my neck improved significantly. It has been an effective tool to help my body recharge and reduce inflammation.


Ross Parr, Fire Chief

Throughout the past four months I have had the opportunity to undergo treatments on the Seqex bed during the trial period at our station.  By only having access to the bed during my shifts, the difference in my range of motion and the reduction in my lower back pain is evident when compared to my time off shift when I am not using the Seqex.  During my days off (and away from the Seqex) the lower back pain and stiffness that I have experienced for years gradually returns, only to be relieved again when treatments are resumed.  Perhaps the most noticeable benefit is the improvement of sleep quality upon returning home after a shift where I had an opportunity to use the Seqex.

Ryan Martin, Firefighter

When I lay on the Seqex,  I notice it helps me with my back pain and tightness.
I also have noticed when I do a treatment it helps me sleep better.
I feel more relaxed after being on it for a treatment.

Chris King, Firefighter

On a returning flight from vacation I had a bakers cyst rupture behind my knee, which was incredibly painful and made my leg very red, swollen and tight.

My doctor told me that the fluid would gradually be reabsorbed into the body within a few weeks. The recommended treatment for a ruptured cyst is rest, elevation and prescription painkillers.

Two Seqex treatments helped me manage the pain, gave me immediate relief from the swelling and did not require any pain medication.  I have continued to use Seqex as part of my routine as I find it helps the stiffness in my back and helps me sleep better.

Deputy Fire Chief, Dan Thurman

I was born with spondylolisthesis; I have had chronic lower back pain my whole life. For 53 years I have searched for anything and everything to relieve myself of constant daily pain. I have tried everything from pharmaceuticals to cannabis, as well as treatments like acupuncture, nothing really works great. My pain threshold is usually on a scale of 1 to 10, around 6 or 7.

Medications and treatments have taken this pain down to a 3 to 5 threshold with unsettling after effects. I have had a Seqex PEMF mat for over two weeks now. My pain threshold has almost been eliminated, as I type this testimonial I am happy, overjoyed to tell you I sit at about a 1 or 2 pain threshold, a couple days at zero pain. I have never been able to say that, until now with the amazing technology of the Seqex mat.

I am now able to drive my car almost pain free and go about my daily job and activities with little to no discomfort. Truly amazing!! Thank you, Jackie, and your team, for bringing this technology to Canada.

D. Spofford, Airdrie, AB

We have been your clients now just over a year and, wow, what has happened over this year is totally amazing. My husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II severe. His numbers are always high in the 20’s and because of this, he has developed neuropathy in his legs and feet. He has also kidney disease, mild, and blood in his urine, and of course severe sleep apnea.

After this past year, he has gone back for follow up with his specialists; these are the findings: No more sleep apnea, No more kidney disease, No neuropathy in his legs, just feet now. These sessions are amazing! As for myself, I have Parkinson’s. After each session, I have no tremors for 1 to 2 days. I would love to see these sessions being covered under OHIP for all patients that cannot afford.

Ivana and Vito Malfara

My experience with PEMF was a critical and important part of my early healing journey following an extraordinarily painful fall and broken wrist. My pain is notably reduced and the speed of the bone mending increased.

Lynda K.

I have been suffering from lymphedema in my right arm for about two and a half years now. Traditional methods of treatment including compression arm sleeves and custom nighttime sleeves were not getting satisfactory results.

Regular lymphatic drainage massage combined with SEQEX treatments attained very positive, measurable improvement. When being fitted for a replacement nighttime adjustable arm sleeve, all eight measuring points on my arm, from the wrist to the shoulder, were significantly reduced from the previous year’s measurements.

I am convinced that the once, to twice, a week SEQEX treatments were largely responsible for that improvement. In a world that tells me my condition has no cure, I am thankful for this new and exciting technology.

J. F., Midland, On

I have benefited in many ways from using my Seqex mat over the past few years. At one point, arthritis was increasing in my lower back and legs to the degree that I was finding it difficult to get in and out of a car. After a period of using my mat daily for less than 3 months I felt so much of the arthritis was gone that I was easily hopping in and out of any vehicle.

P. Ashby

This Is CRAZY! I was In chronic pain and now I’m free of that after only 3 treatments. I was floored! There Is nothing worse than chronic pain….It’s debilitating. PEMF has really been a great thing: the results say It all!

Jack T.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to the Seqex PEMF mat.

Over the past four months of use, I have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain, stiffness and inflammation, as a result of my chronic osteoarthritis. Additionally, I am no longer dependent on pharmaceutical sleeping aids.

My overall good health and mental well-being have increased and my skin condition, as a result of multiple surgeries has improved significantly.

I look forward to lifetime use of this remarkable product.

Cheryl H.

Within one month of Seqex therapy, the pain I was experiencing from kidney stones was gone. PEMF was instrumental in helping me cope with the pain and for that reason I highly recommend it to people interested in a holistic way of healing inflammation, pain and for general preventive health care.

ML Di Paolo

My husband has a weak back. He frequently has pain in the lower back which is severe and takes a long time to go away. Since we bought Seqex, he started using it for back pain. He noticed that the mat lessens the pain and makes it go away much faster. He also uses the mat when he has difficulty sleeping and it helps him to fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night. We are happy that the machine comes with different settings and can be used for different purposes.

Thank you!

Mark and Lucie

Pain Relief and Improved Recovery Time

I have benefitted in many ways from using my seqex mat over the past few years. At one point arthritis was increasing in my lower back and legs to the degree that I was finding it difficult to get in and out of a car. After a period of using my mat daily for less than 3 months I felt so much of the arthritis was gone that I was easily hopping in and out of any vehicle. Last December I was rushing up our winding staircase from the ground level, carrying several items in my arms. I remembered something I had forgotten after only going up 5 or 6 stairs. I immediatley started to reverse my steps now going backwards but still hurrying. I lost my balance and my grip on the stair railing and went flying down the stairs and around the corner at the end, landing with a thud on my backside. At first I lay almost in a ball trying to escape the immediate pain I was experiencing and wondering if an ambulance had to be called. But in less than 10 mins. I decided I was going to force myself to somehow get up the stairs to our bedroom where my seqex mat is and get on it! So that was what I did and after one treatment I immediately felt the pain start to subside and and the trauma I had caused to my back start to heal. I credit this speedy change in my painful experience to the mat. I used it many more times and eventually with time the injury healed but much quicker than normal, especially for a 71 year old woman.

The final experience I want to share as an example of just how wonderful this mat works and its healing capabilities involved a bad cut. I had been hastily setting up an extra stand (about 3’ tall) with a heavy ceramic tile on top, for a friend to set her teacup on when I knocked over the stand and the hard tile on top crashed on my big foot. My big toe started bleeding profusely and had to be bound up to get it to stop. Shortly afterwards I was able to go upstairs again to use the mat and I actually fell asleep on it. I used it again that night and the next morning. The cut was about an inch long and surprisingly quite deep – enough to have required a stitch or two in the past to close it. But within the time frame I outlined above the cut had totally healed leaving no sign of a scar.

I feel the Seqex bed is of enormous benefit to my life and could be to our health system by speeding recovery times and easing pain more quickly for those who use it.

Patricia Ashby (Retired highschool teacher)