I have a chronic autoimmune condition, I have rented a Seqex device and I’m having amazing results – I was actually able to go for two light runs this week and was able to garden all day Saturday without too much pain or becoming totally exhausted. It is incredible how much more rested I’m feeling getting up in the mornings too.
SO grateful for this ❤️

I was was waiting for my ACL surgery after an injury (the re-occurred from the past) and I rented a Seqex mat. Using it daily I am able to my recommended exercises pain free and the inflammation is almost gone. The mat has helped an incredibly significant amount.

Justin Shaver

In 2018, I injured myself on the job when I was a Medical Lab Tech and was off work for 3 years with many, many hours of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, acupuncture and many other types of treatments to bring me relief and nothing seemed to work. In 2019, a day before my 32nd birthday, I went in for a discectomy of my L4,L5 vertebrae. This surgery brought me some relief but over time I began to slowly get worse.
In June of 2023, I woke up one morning and reached for my cane like every other morning. I forced myself out of bed and walked over to my desk to grab what was usually my second Oxycodone of the day (I would wake up in extreme pain around 3am and need one). I made my way upstairs for a coffee and by the time I approached the kitchen, I collapsed to the floor in tears because I was so sick and tired of feeling like this day after day.
I was told by my mom a few days earlier how my aunt had come across this Seqex mat that my grandmother had been using for her fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments that were keeping her in bed for years. My mom told me how my grandmother was out gardening until midnight the one night which was something she always did before getting sick.
I called a lady that I knew had one of these mats 2 hours away and she told me to come right away! I got into my car and made the excruciating 2 hour drive to hopefully find any relief.
After a one hour session, I had a surprisingly amount of relief to the point that I almost could not believe it!
I ended up renting one for myself from the distributor and began my own treatments every single day. In 10 days, I was no longer using my cane, within a month i was able to start backing off of my oxycodone because my pain was not as bad.
At this point I knew I needed to purchase this equipment and made the decision to do so after going to Wasaga Beach and meeting the sisters who brought this medical device from Italy.
I am now 5 months in and I can tell my back is healing, I am coming off my medication completely this week and the best thing of all, I CANCELLED MY SURGERY!!!