Talyn Maclean

My mom brought home a seqex mat just before I left for university. I have suffered from asthma for years and always needed my puffer. I tried the micro circulation program with the belt attachment across my chest. Two days later I played my first lacrosse game of my season for school. I was surprised I did not reach for my puffer once. With one treatment my breathing was significantly better.

I first got introduced to Health Energies and Seqex in January 2021 when my husband broke his leg. I was intrigued that this device could help accelerate healing by decreasing inflammation and increasing microcirculation. We rented a mat for home use at first and Wow we were so impressed at how quickly the swelling decreased in my husband’s leg, ankle and foot. He was back to work 6 days post injury and was back to full physical training after only 3 months. As Chiropractors we already recognize the innate healing ability of the body when given the right circumstances and environment to heal and this unique application of frequency added another dimension to our understanding. We have brought it into our clinic for use with patients and also use it everyday at home on ourselves, our friends and family too.

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years and in the last few years osteo arthritis in my cervical spine. I came across this clinic and I am absolutely shocked on how pulse electromagnetic field therapy can help heal the body and also calm and recalibrate the mind. I visit here regularly, Jackie and Kim and the whole team are amazing and very knowledgeable. I currently use the seqex machine. The pain in my neck is completely gone and my anxiety is non-existent. I feel like myself the way God intended me to be. I’m very grateful to health wellness industries in Wasaga beach, I will be a patient for life and keep up with the treatments to stay ahead of the conditions that I’ve dealt with for many years. God bless you guys!