Seqex and Skin Complexion

My husband and I bought our Seqex in September of 2020. We bought it to improve our overall health as we’re both newly retired. And it’s working! We have fewer aches and pains for sure, we sleep well and we’re feeling great.
But something quite unexpected and remarkable has also happened. I no longer have any acne!
I’m 59 years old and I have struggled with acne my entire life. Although there are far more serious health concerns than acne, it has plagued me nonetheless. And I admit that my acne has caused me a great deal of mental and emotional pain over the years.
So I’m thrilled and thankful to say that since using my Seqex, my acne has all but disappeared! And I dare say that my skin looks brighter as well!
Thank you for our improved health and well-being Seqex! And for my clear complexion!