I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for your support and cheerful personalities at Health Energies and Seqex and your outstanding yet unusual knowledge of human body.

I’m a three times sepsis survivor. The third time it was a truly a miracle thanks to your amazing technologies. The doctors and the medicine did not work! After having a antibiotic IV hooked up to my body off and on for three months and the doctors running several tests and procedures they came to conclusion that I am antibiotic resistant and they may have to chop off my leg.


It was a total shock to me to hear this and I was devastated. I heard about Health Energies and Seqex from the local bakery in the plaza next store and thought I had nothing to loose by trying it. After 6 sessions I’m almost 80% OK and even more so full of new spirits and ideas for the future. Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you God bless you and cheers.

Above image is after 6 sessions of Seqex and Plasma Light Therapy approximately 2x per week.