Pain Relief and Improved Recovery Time

I have benefitted in many ways from using my seqex mat over the past few years. At one point arthritis was increasing in my lower back and legs to the degree that I was finding it difficult to get in and out of a car. After a period of using my mat daily for less than 3 months I felt so much of the arthritis was gone that I was easily hopping in and out of any vehicle. Last December I was rushing up our winding staircase from the ground level, carrying several items in my arms. I remembered something I had forgotten after only going up 5 or 6 stairs. I immediatley started to reverse my steps now going backwards but still hurrying. I lost my balance and my grip on the stair railing and went flying down the stairs and around the corner at the end, landing with a thud on my backside. At first I lay almost in a ball trying to escape the immediate pain I was experiencing and wondering if an ambulance had to be called. But in less than 10 mins. I decided I was going to force myself to somehow get up the stairs to our bedroom where my seqex mat is and get on it! So that was what I did and after one treatment I immediately felt the pain start to subside and and the trauma I had caused to my back start to heal. I credit this speedy change in my painful experience to the mat. I used it many more times and eventually with time the injury healed but much quicker than normal, especially for a 71 year old woman.

The final experience I want to share as an example of just how wonderful this mat works and its healing capabilities involved a bad cut. I had been hastily setting up an extra stand (about 3’ tall) with a heavy ceramic tile on top, for a friend to set her teacup on when I knocked over the stand and the hard tile on top crashed on my big foot. My big toe started bleeding profusely and had to be bound up to get it to stop. Shortly afterwards I was able to go upstairs again to use the mat and I actually fell asleep on it. I used it again that night and the next morning. The cut was about an inch long and surprisingly quite deep – enough to have required a stitch or two in the past to close it. But within the time frame I outlined above the cut had totally healed leaving no sign of a scar.

I feel the Seqex bed is of enormous benefit to my life and could be to our health system by speeding recovery times and easing pain more quickly for those who use it.