Microcirculation, Seqex and the Immune System

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Optimal cellular function is so important during this time!

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A Review on the Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF-EMF) on Cytokines of Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Hanie MahakiHamid TanzadehpanahNaghi JabarivasalKhosro Sardanian, Alireza Zamani

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The use of ion resonance-like therapy with SEQEX electromedical
devices as an integrated medical treatment for patients with
neoplastic and autoimmune pathologies

by Dr. Edoardo Rossi and Dr. Maria Teresa Corsetti

The use of ion resonance-like therapy with SEQEX electromedical

Preventitive Medicine in the Times of COVID-19

by Dr. Edoardo Rossi and Dr. Maria Teresa Corsetti

Preventive Medicine in the Times of COVID-19

Updated Information from Dr. Magda Havas on COVID19 and your Immune System

CoVid-19:  Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

One of the best ways of maintaining optimal health and recovering from illness is BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The body’s immune system is made stronger and more effective by living in healthy environments, decreasing the inflammatory load in the body, enhancing relaxation, making healthy food choices, and improving microcirculation.

Seqex is licensed by Health Canada for its documented ability to improve microcirculation and decrease inflammation.

Research shows that enhancing microcirculation is an important part of optimizing our immune function and defense against illness and disease. Check out our research section to see more relevant articles.


Microcirculation: “the blood flow through the smallest vessels in the circulatory system, i.e. arterioles, venules, shunts and capillaries. The main function of microcirculation in our bodies is to ensure the delivery of oxygen (removal of carbon dioxide CO2), nutrients, and immune factors to maintain good health and fight against viruses and bacteria. Good microcirculation also removes the metabolic waste products and toxins in our body. It exists in all tissues and organs except for the cornea.”

Click here to read the report: Microcirculation – Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Application “Other functions of the microcirculation include the regulation of solute exchange between the intravascular and tissular space and is responsible for the transport of all blood-borne hormones and nutrients to the tissue cells including mediating the functional activity of the immune system and homeostasis.”

Declining Microcirculation as an Important Aspect of Aging “Improving microcirculation will have benefits to all tissues and organs of the body including the immune system and this is especially important as we age. We become more susceptible to viruses and infections of all kinds as we grow older, and declining microcirculation may be a contributing factor to this.”

When we are consuming and digesting vitamins, nutrients and minerals from supplements and healthy foods, it is important to open the capillaries and cell membranes so they can arrive at the cells and easily be absorbed and build the immune system. ICR and PEMF technologies act on the cellular membrane level, facilitating the ionic and nutrient exchange in and out of the cell.

Seqex offers so much benefit via exposure to healing frequencies, we the Seqex team, also would like to remind you to take the steps to minimize your harmful EMF (frequency) exposures in order to optimize immune system and circulatory function.

If you are a Seqex owner and you do not have the MICROCIRCULATION program card please let us know if you would like to order one and we can mail it to you. We can also offer a lengthened program, up to 4.5 hrs long for extended use.

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