Testimonial – Ivana and Vito Malfara

We have been your clients now just over a year and, wow, what has happened over this year is totally amazing. My husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II severe. His numbers are always high in the 20’s and because of this, he has developed neuropathy in his legs and feet. He has also kidney disease, mild, and blood in his urine, and of course severe sleep apnea.

After this past year, he has gone back for follow up with his specialists; these are the findings: No more sleep apnea, No more kidney disease, No neuropathy in his legs, just feet now. These sessions are amazing! As for myself, I have Parkinson’s. After each session, I have no tremors for 1 to 2 days. I would love to see these sessions being covered under OHIP for all patients that cannot afford.