Health Energies Wasaga Beach SEQEX Training

Health Energies Wasaga Beach SEQEX Training

Our FREE Seqex training events are for those who have already purchased Seqex or those who would like to learn more about Seqex devices, PEMF, Ion cyclotron resonance and/or the services we offer at Health Energies.  We love continuing the education within our Seqex community!

Training will begin a 10 am at Collingwood Hyundai upstairs in their boardroom. The morning will include an informative presentation by Kim Sartor, President of Health Wellness Industries about Seqex devices, harmful EMF exposure as well as the history and usage of Ion Cyclotron Resonance.

Dr Celeste Thirlwell will also be joining us for this special training. Dr Thirlwell B.Sc (neuro), MD, FRCP is a neuropsychiatrist who has trained in sleep medicine, neurosurgery, psychiatry and neuroscience research. She is Director of the Sleep Wake Awareness Program at the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology. She is a yoga teacher and inquiries into the nature of consciousness have been her lifelong passion. From her studies in western neuroscience medicine and eastern philosophy, she has come to the conclusion that restorative sleep is the cornerstone of good health. By helping people to balance their sleep/wake cycle and attention to chronobiology, people are able to maintain good health. Dr. Thirlwell developed the “SWAP” to promote patient sleep and health.

If you would like to join us via Skype, it is this morning presentation you will be able to participate in.

Lunch break will follow and then we will re-commence in our Wasaga Beach Health Energies location for hands on training in the afternoon.

We cater the afternoon to the training needs and desires of our attendees and do our very best to address everyone’s inquiries.

Please call Health Energies Wasaga to register 705 352 3900, pre-registration is required as spaces are limited and for online attendance we need Skype information in advance!

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Saturday November 30, 2019



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