Hello everyone, I am a therapist from Bergamo, I have my own private studio, I have two Seqex inside which I undergo every afternoon with double mat at the same time (ERG and MIC). My mother also comes to me twice a week and undergoes a double mat and double session, the first one (ERG – MIC) and the second one with (MIC -FEF) total 4 sessions with 6 programs. Having said that, in the week between March 2 and 6 I had several cancellations of my patients for fear and influences (apparently classic), personally I did not use gloves or a mask, in those days the experts said that the Covid-19 was not nothing more than a flu, my experience starts on the day of Friday 6 March: when I finished working at 8 pm I didn’t feel too fit, I should have gone out for dinner, but I just didn’t feel like it, when I got home I took the temperature and I found out I have 37.5. Obviously I do not go out, I do not have dinner and I go to sleep, on Saturday 7 and throughout the weekend I continue to have 37.2 – 37.4 while taking Tachipirina 1000 at that point, on Sunday evening everything is ok and on Monday 8 in perfect shape I go to the studio, which, however, due to the continuous cancellations, in the afternoon I chose to close. I brought home a Seqex and one brought it to my mother (80 years old), we are both doing 3 rotation programs every day (ERG – MIC – ANI), my mother also wounds and fractures. Since then I am fine even if for a few days I had no taste and smell, my mother is very strong and ready to go out, she says she feels great.