My name is Edith and I cannot say enough praises for the Seqex products and of course the staff at Health and Wellness Industries.
I have been saved many times over as my health has not been good over the last 5 years. I have been suffering with 3 Auto immune diseases along with a degenerative lower lumbar, one of my auto immune conditions is fibromyalgia which I know many people suffer from. It feels like my whole body is on fire and my legs feel like ten ton weights.
Ever since I have been getting the micro circulation and pain management cards, my legs no longer feel like ten ton weights, right after my 3rd session I felt like I could go jogging around the neighborhood.
I felt like I was reborn into a new body.
I highly recommend the PEMF therapy to everyone who is suffering.
Not to mention all the dirty electricity and EMF that is in our environment, this therapy basically reverses the negative ions into positive ions.
So if your going through pain in your life, please consider PEMF therapy in your life.
Many Happy returns