Four months ago we got a 5 month old rescue pup, Olive, from Mexico! We fell in love with her.
But several days after her arriving she got up one morning and was extremely lame.
After several vet exams, including xrays, our pup was finally diagnosed with onset elbow dysplasia. Wwere devastated.
We also discovered that she had very large trigger points, or muscle knots, in her bicep and tricep areas.
So we placed Olive on our Seqex mat everyday, using various programs for muscles and tendons, anti-inflammatory, and bone regeneration. We also used our probe directly on the muscle knots and her elbow. We also added some massage and stretching exercises.
And last week, we got a clean bill of health from the vet! She no longer feels that Olive shows any signs of elbow dysplasia at this time! Her trigger points are gone and she has regained full mobility!
We are continuing to place Olive on our Seqex mat daily, at least until she’s fully grown and her bones are set. But even then, we’ll continue indefinitely as she loves it!
Further to that, we also have her on a daily immune-boosting program, Microcirculation, as we feel the Tick Medication we give her year round (we live in the rain forest in BC), is very hard on her system. And Seqex gives her the strength and support she needs to live a happy healthy life!
Thank you Seqex!